quinta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2011

Guide to the english reader of "The Beak of The Finch"

I've recently noted that the second country that most visits my blog is USA.

Therefore, since now, I'll try to post more material in this beautiful language, the language of Hume and Shakespeare.

But, my dear, be warned that my english, specially the one I wrote is very very poor.

Let me introduce myself:

I'm 21, bachelor in philosophy, lover of literature and interested in politics.

I'm really near an agnosticism in regard to religious aspects, conservative in politics and proponent of analytical philosophy.

I'll try to publish a resume of my news, at least a headline in english. Specially those ones that demystifies the so-called improvement of Brazil and brazilian economics.

Thank' you all, americans! Know that I do not share the common feeling of hate to America, I think that USA is a paradigm to all the world, a paradigm of liberal (in the lockean sense) society, model that I admire.


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